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THIS. is the film and television production studio founded by the award-winning documentary makers, writers and producers Michael Lawrence and Nicholas Cook. The pair met at university 30 years ago, green as anything, an impish kid and a woolly-chested brute, but with a shared vision that anything is possible. They quickly became best friends, still are today, and developed co-ordinates that pointed towards the value of long-term relationships. It’s a tribal sort of mentality, success built on loyal partnerships, and one that THIS. Film Studio shares with M&C Saatchi.

Mick and Nick met Taylor Steele some twelve years ago and have collaborated on three films and multiple projects together. Taylor was the logical choice to be the creative director as he is an award-winning creative and filmmaker. He broke new ground at a young age with the release of the surf film ‘Momentum’. Over the next two decades he went on to direct and produce over forty best-selling films. Beyond traditional film-making, Taylor is currently diversifying his creative side by directing virtual reality films, augmented reality content, producing bands, directing art films for the Gagosian gallery / Biennale art festival, and shooting photography for Visionaire magazine. Taylor was named one of the top 100 creative people in 2014 Fast Company magazine.


We believe in the oscar wild maxim, moderation is fatal.

We believe 

that every single time we drop ink on a notebook or 

open the shutter of our cameras, we can alter, shift and 

smash the prevailing winds of thought and fashion.

We believe the creative act can overcome anything.



THIS. probes the dramatic potential of the human spirit. We use the inspiration of real-life stories to create persuasive television and cinema. THIS. works with brands, people and platforms to make a difference, creatively and commercially. 

To see what THIS. is all about, grab a copy of our credentials here: This. Film Studio Credentials PDF