THIS. explores the purpose of the project and mixes in the brand's DNA for an elevated outcome


Tourism fiji

In Fiji, ‘Bula’ is more than just a greeting. It’s a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life.

The Bulanaires campaign is a twist on the popular billionaires lists and instead celebrates people from around the globe who are truly rich, rich in happiness!


SWM (Seven West Media) had secured Subway as an anchoring partner for the inaugural X-Games Sydney. Both SWM and Subway asked THIS Film Studio to create a series of TVC's to integrate brand messages of Freedom, Freshness, and Customisation into their X-Games association through the use of FMX (Freestyle Motocross).


With an existing TVC creative approved, the agency required a dynamic team to bring together many moving parts in an extremely short timeframe. 



BodyScience has become synonymous with many sporting activities and personalities, but no visual representation had been produced to help capitalise on this organic growth.


Deliver a profiled athlete and an amazing visual experience to demonstrate the extraordinary quality of Sony ActionCam footage. 


Samsung Singapore new that the best way to attract an audience to their film festival was to create a visual device which they could viral out to their audience. 


With credible surf wear brands controlling the timepiece market for surfers, Maxum needed to start the journey of becoming credible and synonymous with Surf for its market expansion. 


Working directly with Oakley to produce a short form piece based around an epic West Australian surf adventure, subsequently titled ‘Luma’.