CONTENT: TV Series (1 Season - 4 Episodes)


Following years of filming the ongoing web series called The Search, it was time to explore a broadcast audience through a longer form alternative. THIS Film Studio was commissioned to produce a series which captured the essence of The Search Series as a reflective piece told through one of its key explorers, which has resulted in this four part seasonal approach.

Narrated by the ever entertaining Mason Ho (one of the explorers), with illustrations from Joe Neathway-Brown to provide a flavour of secrecy, this is the first time The Search has reflected on its past journey’s (decades of explorations) and gained such valuable insight from its previous participants.

Do they succeed?

What was the reward?

Was the quest as much a journey of self discovery as it was for waves?

We break the series into a seasonal approach of Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter which allows a clever hint of locations without explicit detail. 

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